Tracking an Author: Ring of Stone, and what’s Pinterest got in store for writers?

Social Media. What would we be doing without the array of tools writers use daily to connect with their readers and why do I suddenly enjoy Pinterest specifically?

For those unfamiliar with Pinterest, it is a site where you digitally “pin” your favorite images and photos. What’s amazing is that you can grab images from the web or upload your own and the site has a way to link the image back to its own host site. You just pin up and go. Think of it as an online bulletin board. It also allows you to arrange and plan your ideas visually for interior decorating, food recipes and yes…Books!

Even now my posts and pages on this blog come with a Pin It! button so you can easily pin what you see on here to your boards(first join Pinterest) 🙂

How does this work for me as a writer and how can you use it to further reach your audience?

  • I found that for my free short story “Mark of Fortune” I can search images of people on the web who resemble my characters. That part is so much fun because I feel as if I’m a director looking for the perfect person to play as [blank]
  • Even images of scenery, houses, interior rooms- whatever, I am able to find and place them on my own Pinterest Boards.
  • For planning, I may consider going online first to find settings, scenes and characters to inspire me to write my fiction and poetry. How neat is that! Getting inspiration visually before putting fingers to keyboard is wonderful beyond words.
  • There are some pitfalls, writers can fall into if they are not careful. Mainly, do not post up all of your “goods” for everyone to see- let some story plots and secrets be discovered. In fact, a neat article on Poet’s & Writer’s explains more of what writers can and shouldn’t do on Pinterest. Please check that out.

In other news I am pleased to announce that “Ring of Stone”- the second part to Mark of Fortune is under way and is going through some editing right now and also choosing an eBook cover takes some time, but at least its technically finished- just need some polishing. It will be published on Smashwords.

Also my new website is about done as well as one dedicated to Mark of Fortune and the world of genies. Excited about that too!

Stay tuned for a Sneak Peak of Ring of Stone!


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