Review: ‘Breathless’, leaves you panting after the last page

There is one word that this book will leave you.


In classic Dean Koontz storytelling, there is intrigue, science, and the forever movement of the human spirit. Not to say that this book is without faults because there were, but the story held so much promise.

The Basic Plot.

Grady Adams and his wolfhound dog, Merlin come upon a clearing in the woods near his home. In this clearing it seemed as if time stood still. There was peace. Quiet. And creatures with white fur and four legs who looked like dogs but were not. Appeared to be cats or otters, but were not either. Where did these animals come from?

In different parts of the United States, different people encounter something strange. Lamar Woolsey is mathematician and physicist specializing in Chaos Theories and he believes there is a certain order even in chaos. In another state, two men plot an ingenious murder plan, and somewhere else there is a man who is coming apart at the seams in his mind and he had just killed someone. A vet still sees scars from her childhood…

Some Interesting Factors

Each chapter introduced a new situation or character in third person omniscient. But my favorite parts were the ones related to the animals. They had black noses, lips, and unusual eyes and they appear to have opposable thumbs. No ticks, or fleas and they didn’t smell. They can open jars, doors, and apparently arrange books in order by color. Lamar, the chaos theory specialist makes an interesting observation. One that could change what would we mean by humanity and what we thought we knew about earth’s origins. I enjoyed his speculation

On the other hand, I equally enjoyed the suspense concerning the character that killed his own twin brother and now he hears knocking on the attic door in the house and someone calling his name over and over…

What Fell Flat

Number one, I wish the book went on a bit longer. It seems as if Koontz did a nice wrap in the last few pages and everything and everyone would eventually come together in the midst of what appears to be chaos. He does a good job making us think one way but the story takes a totally different direction.

Two, I wanted more expansion on certain ideas and on some characters’ backgrounds. The book didn’t end as if there would be a Book 2, but the possibilities could be there.

Breathless reminded me of his early work, Strangers. Somehow Koontz can weave a story into science fiction/spiritual/thriller delight and still have us panting for more.

Book Details:
Breathless, Dean Kontz
Published: Bantam(2009)


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