First, second, third, October ideas running into Nanowrimo

As I prepare for Nanowrimo, a few annoying things have been happening and I am wondering if you can identify with me.

First, for the last thirty days of October, new ideas have merged into my old ideas of what to write about. I have notes, character sketches, plot sketches, world sketches galore and it was just a matter of finding and reading them over but I found myself thinking: “Which one can I actually complete with less complications and research and spend all December editing?”

That was my first task.

My next task this month was making sure the notes flowed logically, therefore all I have to do is crank out those words. I know by now that even with notes it can be difficult for most of us and for some reason, every year I stop at 20,000 or so words. Very frustrating.

Thirdly, I have to think about publishing. More than likely self publishing would be best as Smashwords is now in conjunction with Nanowrimo for writers. Totally awesome!

What are you doing today to prepare for Nanowrimo?


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