Poetry Exercise: “Audible pictures”, a bit intrusive but neccessary

There is another experiment I’d like to try, and it concerns fiction and poetry.

On our daily run ins with work, church, meetings- life, we hear a lot. We hear frustrations in other’s voices. We hear people make plans. We hear someone crying, laughing, shouting.

Here’s an exercise to get your mind in the realm of writing and creating:(This may seem intrusive, but writers typically are)

  1. Pay attention this week to all that you hear. If you cannot hear, pay attention to all you see.
  2. Take notes on the pieces of conversations you hear. Listen to characters on television, maybe a song you hear playing in the street, whatever it is, take notes of what you hear in a notebook.
  3. Once you have your “audible pictures” take them and transfer them onto index cards or any blank card(s).
  4. Is there a pattern? Can you create a story or poem based off your exploration?
  5. Mix up the cards(conversations)  and see what happens.
  6. For those who are concentrating on a fiction piece: How do you think the conversation began? Ended? Whats the subject matter? Poets can use this part too-Have fun with it!

As you know, I always participate in these exercises. I will be carrying my notebook with me as well and taking notes. I wonder what I will find. Let me know how it goes, writers!


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