A clip from ‘Mark of Fortune’ , the kindest person on the planet, or something else?


Beautiful Night Sky


She picked out a book bag with enough deep pockets to carry her soap and toothbrush and she picked up a few wash cloths and some pearlescent peach colored lotion.

Next, Stone watched her gather some notepads, notebooks and pencils and pens. Finally he grabbed up some soup and bread.

            When they got into the self checkout line, Stone pulled out his credit card, swiped and helped with her bags. He saw how she watched him through narrow eyes. Perhaps she was careful because nice guys could be murderers, rapists, con artists.

He was neither.

Although she should still be careful…

            “Ready?” He carried all of their bags, not wanting her to strain herself at all.

            Once he popped the trunk and put everything inside of it and closed it. Samosa tapped him on the shoulder.

            “You are,” she began slowly shaking her head, eyes wide in disbelief. “The kindest person on the planet right now. I never-” He saw her eyes water up and she promptly went to the passenger side and got into the car.

            Stone looked around him. People were everywhere. Shopping. Carrying babies. Playing with their siblings. It seemed that even though they had bad times, all Samosa would see are their good times.

            Her time would come soon enough, if only she would let her guard down a little more. Stone got into his car and they drove in silence. Samosa’s thoughts were so loud he shivered. Not that he was a mind reader. He knew of one, but he could tell by her body language, her scent, the few words she did speak, that she would be a tough shell to crack and has been damaged beyond human repair.

            He knew Samosa’s breath would be taken away after the hour drive, only to be standing in front of his massive home.

            “You live here?” She asked very surprised.

            “Yeah. It’s okay,” he smiled at her and took the bags from the trunk. He hit the car alarm from his key chain and did a quick intake of air through his nostrils. He had to do this for safety reasons. To scope out enemies.

They walked up the circular driveway which was neatly paved but well lighted. The garden smell of the ground was fresh, even the stairs had been cleaned.

**Copyright 2012 by Erica Jean Smith

A note on “Mark of Fortune” snippet:

Why did I include this scene in a short story involving a Jinni/or Genie? This particular scene picks up from Samosa leaving school with a handsome stranger and her bypassing staying the night in a shelter. When I go to Wal-Mart I look around and I wonder where people are going and what internal conflicts are inside and I imagined that perhaps we all have a guardian angel who may not be so angelic that helps us when we are at our lowest, but at what cost?

The book is available for free download at: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/174324


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