IMO: Nook may be failing but only to the least devoted…

barnes & Noble Nook Touches
Barnes and Noble

I’d like to start  by saying: “I pledge to read the printed word.”

However, that does not mean I do not own an e-reader and see its many benefits. However, the Barnes and Noble Nook, which I currently own, could have some economic trouble.

Recently, put out this statement:

A holiday sales spike following the launch of the Nook Tablet in November 2011 hasn’t been enough to sustain the Nook business. And despite the launch of the front-lit Nook e-reader in April 2012, Nook business revenues are flat compared to this time last year.**

The entire article can be found here: “Why the Nook is Failing”, but after reading it I find I can condense it a little better to show you exactly what is happening with Nook in comparison to other reading devices. Four reasons for its failure according to the article is: 1)E Reader problems, 2) falling prices, 3)international delays, and 4)slowing eBook sales.

The first problem is due more to comparison of features. Nook  released the Nook Simple Touch last year(I did not know this) and Amazon will be releasing its front-lit tablet this Fall. B&N’s Simple Touch without the glow light had “such poor sales” that filling orders for the Simple Touch with GlowLight just didn’t happen and Amazon may pick up where it left off. IMO(in my opinion): What is up with this GlowLight stuff? Look at the picture below of the soon to be released Amazon front-lit eReader:

Illuminated Kindle e-readers could arrive this year, also might not
The Illuminated Kindle

This Illuminated Kindle will allow readers to “tap and slide” on the screen causing a soft light to appear that doesn’t hurt the eyes. Sounds cool! However I am a newly converted Nook fan and if I want to dim the lighting I can from the tablet.

The second issue with Nook sales seems to be its falling prices. IMO: So of course the sales records will reflect that but as a consumer I enjoy the low prices and quality I get at the same time. With other eReaders, like these  may you get low/medium quality for cheap prices. Although some are great.

The third reason why Nook may be failing is international delays.  Nook is just now considering overseas sales of its device in the U.K through its storefront. IMO: I do think Barnes and Noble should have thought ahead on international sales as Amazon done two years ago. But as I said before, I enjoy my Nook;  low prices and international delays could be detrimental to their bottom line…we’ll see how things turn out.

The final reason for falling prices of the Nook is its growing app and digital content sale more than eBooks sales. IMO: The Nook does need apps for most things than I realized before. I can’t access a dictionary without going to one my eBooks and I found I needed an app for PDFs and organizing, etc. Well, the PDFs I just read in the reader like normal but anyway if B&N is doing good on apps and not eBooks, they should really seek out what that means. I am not a publisher or  behind the scenes as to what is happening, but I can tell you that personally some of  B&N’s books are priced higher  than Amazon’s or Smashwords and so I download from those sites more than B&N- but then again I really hadn’t shopped for B&N books in some time now.

Alright so those are my opinions about the Nook’s failing sales. To some, this is not that important, but for others who seriously read eBooks all the time and downloads  the apps and other content, this could mean something more.


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