Tracking an author: Installing christian themes or just going with the flow?

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After one project is complete, another is always or have already been underway. In this case, the seemingly old question btaking over online systems is: Is it possible for books to have too much overt Christian themes? Back in February I wrote  post on “Christian Romance and Crossing Lines” which explained what readers truly look for in a book. One of those elements are the bonds that tie human souls.

I doubt if my post this time will help others learn that telling a good story should be the utmost important in any genre, but I’ll have to explain why my new novel will more than likely be hard to classify.

First, the book will have the major plot and a couple of subplots that may be explored later- or not. The main idea is that a woman finds herself lost in more ways than one and she now has to live with a family member and start over. This family member tries to tell the girl that no one is more evil than the other. As humans we all have the capacity to love very much or hate very much and unfortunately some carry out that hate and can become truly evil.

The protagonist, however made some mistakes and those past mistakes are coming to bite her in the butt. In the meantime, a new event will take place in her life where she will discover her purpose during her downfall… could it be her downfall is really her just being human?

I am unsure how to categorize this one. Its not a supernatural, urban fiction but simply a fictional story with some romance in it. The idea of forgiveness and redemption is laced through the story, but for now I’ve been worrying over telling the story clearly.

Here’s my advice on letting the story spill:

  • Let the character’s motivations speak to you, jot down those notes before you write if you have to.
  • If you have a main idea/theme in mind, what is it? What are some ways to show more than tell?
  • Plots and subplots will natural emerge, although some books advise outlining those early(and I agree that for some stories its sufficient)
  • When it comes to swearing are there “safe” swear words to convey a character’s emotion? The term Hell seems to be used by anyone, Christian or non-Christian. Other terms I am not so sure. Even inspirational romance has some boundaries.
  • When it comes to sexuality/sensuality in a book, how far is too far? Depicting actual sexual acts like painting splashed over the bed may not be the way to go, but one author, Vanessa Davis Griggs does not show too much sensuality almost none and even when there is a sexual act,  she handles it by skipping the entire scene and entering the “Morning After”.
    • One way I weave sensual scenes is by allowing the kiss to the face, mouth, and even the neck. I allow some description of physique without being to risqué.
    • As far as the actual act….Pray for me.

Some Helpful Books…

Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them?


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