The Story of Yeres

yellow, petaled flowers
Photo of petaled flowers by Caio


Pronounced “yeah-reez”

There once was a beautiful woman named Yeres, who was comfortable in the confines of her castle. Men came from all over the country, nearly the world to lay with her because the saying went: “She elicited unknown pleasures from men without producing a child thus protecting him from the wrath of his wife and his wallet. Yeres took a fellow to bed each night. Each night a different man whether of the religious cloth, a governor, prince or king, sometimes even paupers.

She began to tire of these fruitless nights.

She wanted a child.

She would think about how her mother prayed to this unseen God and would pray to his faceless face and Yeres would laugh inside. “There is none but us mother,” she’ll say after her mother’s prayers.

But one day, after a gentle prodding from some feeling deep inside, Yeres went into the Night Temple and offered a prayer to the top of the dome. She could not dig to find tears. She was a hard woman.

Nothing happened.

The next night, Yeres went into the Night Temple and offered a prayer and a few more moments of worship. She did this for three successive nights. Nothing. She did not feel warm inside, instead, she felt even more alone than before.

She went to the witches, the soothsayers, the astrologers to give her some guidance and direction and they all told her the same thing: “Your womb is closed.”

One night, while everyone was asleep in the village, Yeres thought: “I don’t want to pray for a child if my womb is closed. This God has saw fit for me to remain in my boudoir. Pleasing men.”

She instead prayed for her long lost sister, whom she hadn’t seen in years. She prayed for her dying king, and she prayed that the rains would bring forth a good harvest this time.

After a few days, the townspeople noticed a gray storm appearing overhead and a great burst of cool, rain melted upon the earth. It is said that the king’s spirits rose great that day and a stranger- a woman who looked like Yeres came into town, with a small child in her arms.

Yeres met the woman and it was confirmed they were sisters. The child was sweet and warm. A little girl with a smile like sunshine. Yeres sister had not long to live but commissioned Yeres to care for her little girl once she left the Earth.

Many moons later, Yeres kept that promise.

Copyright© 2012 Erica Jean Smith

All Rights Reserved

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