We will have such an adventure on ‘The Write Web’, check out these site changes

The largest solar flare ever recorded occurred at 4:51 p.m. EDT, on Monday, April 2, 2001. as Observed by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) satellite. Solar flares, among the solar systems mightiest eruptions, are tremendous explosions...

There has been some more site changes here that I think will help you and me. First of all, as stated in my post a few days ago,  this will be a blog about actual writing help and resources, particularly crafting stories and analyzing literature and poetry. But I am excited about a few more changes that could help growth as  blogger and you as a reader. Please send in comments if you have other interesting ideas to help you on your writing journey!

  • Since there will be no more book reviews, per se, on the main blogging area, my reviews can be seen on the side panel: Christian Fiction Exploration and Goodreads will display all books I have read and reviewed.
  • If you have not looked along the side panel, you will see there is much to offer there, beginning with: Email Subscription, Christian Fiction Book Exploration Feed, Goodreads Feed,  then three top books written by me and my husband(Sea of Iron Hands, Mark of Fortune, and Testify simply clicking on the images should take you where you need to go and discover more), Missed Blog posts, Top Posts,  and Twitter Posts concludes the panel. So browse and check it out!
  • Next, my Fringe Fiction pieces(very short stories that can be read under three minutes) will no longer have a page of its own, but will be featured in the main post area where you can see it plainly and if you subscribe to the blog you will see that first. It takes some time to come up with parables so I can’t say when I’ll update these quick reads.
  • There is a new poetic nimbus page! Yay! Poetry will explored in the main blog area and tackled more deeply on its own page. I love poetry and enjoy ve what I write and read of poetry in that area.

Again, thanks for subscribing/reading this blog, we will have such an adventure this year and the years to come!



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