‘Sea of Iron Hands’ introduces itself and discount codes for you as a gift


My mother, author Erica Jean Smith failed to mention that I was conceived during a time when God was moving mightily in her life and her old doubts simply fled away. It was certainly replaced by more faith, more spiritual growth, and yes, a new set of problems such as dwelling on the past and pondering what ifs; trying to be strong for her family, and in the midst of it all something happened…

As she was writing and conceiving me, she began to watch animations and more movies about superheroes: Dragonball Z, The Last Airbender, X-Men, Spiderman, the list goes on, and she realized these characters have something in common- they all had to grow up.

And thats what this life is all about. Continuing to grow. Humans have the natural inclination to know. I am more than a book about poetry. I am something of verbal snapshots of what God has said, the movies have said and what Erica has told me. It can be abstract sometimes and maybe what I am is fact dressed as fiction, but your Spirit will understand the meanings behind the madness anyway.

It will be nice to know you and be in your hands and heart, but I am here to encourage you and make you think. That is more important.

I turn it over to ma now——

Alright, so now that Sea of Iron Hands told you all of my business here is where you can find out more, including more samples and discounts for you, my followers and readers. In a way, I am saying thanks for your support of my blog.

For discount on Sea of Iron Hands Print/Paperback, order on CreateSpace using discount code QB6776AM to take 50% off. Regular price is $7.99

For discount on eBook on Smashwords, use discount code RH52J to take 50% off. Regular price is $2.99

Offer ends 9/30/2012

P.S. You can read 20% of my book free on Smashwords before you make a purchase.


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