Tracking An Author: Like athena from zeus’s head and my new book

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Welcome back to Tracking an Author or TAA. It has been quite a while since I’ve done this kind of blog post but if you are curious about the writing journey and would like to read the tips and tidbits I am learning along the way, feel free to click on “Tracking An Author” tag in the cloud. Meanwhile, I am coming to a head with my second full length book and have nothing left to worry over except the cover. In fact there’s a nice, stunning photo I can use for the front that my husband designed.

New things I’ve learned:

If you have never self published in print before, here’s something to know- CreateSpace so far is better for me as far as affordability goes and ease of use. Secondly, the custom size(6×9) seems to be the standard trim fit they use for 24-250 page books. Industry sizes include 7×10 and 8×11 but for the book to be a good “novel size” and accepted into most online and physical bookstores, 6×9 seems to be the acceptable format.

CreateSpace also accepts document uploads in .doc, .docx, and pdf formats.

A little about my new book 

In 2010, I completed “The Prayer Monologues: These Brass Hands”. With much encouragement from friends and the strength to dig up poems that were little snapshots of my life history and part observation, the publication process became a joyous one. A genuine first.

However, in between that time I focused more on my fiction and began to feel torn. Ever have that feeling that too many stories and ideas are pouring into your head? Well, right now I have two fiction novels in my mind as I go on to finish the book cover to this one. And a free short novella that thankfully made it out of my head like Athena from her father Zeus’s head.

This book of poems is a tad bit different from the first. The muse had little to do with this one except for maybe the fillers; the foundation was built from watching the news, reading the newspaper, and thinking back on where I come from. My hope is that the book will make people tick, think, reflect or whatever poetry is meant to do. Here’s a snippet of the contents from my new book:

Book 1: Rebirth in a New Country


Book 2: Heroes in My Head, the Blood in My Dreams


Book 3:  Because I’m Caught Between the Body and a Spirit’s Space


About the Author


As I mentioned, I just have to worry over a cover now. The hardest part after that is sure to come, but I’ll keep you posted.

Have you written anything lately? Where can we find your work?

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