One thing writers should realize… and a free download of ‘Mark of Fortune’

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One thing writers should realize in the present economical and digital age, is that providing literature has gotten more creative and cost effective. We talk about the ways in which the internet allowed for anyone to self publish and have more freedom, but what about the benefits to those readers who purchase our words?

Here’s a rule…never charge for a short story. Let people save their pennies for something else like foods, clothes, or to donate to organizations. After releasing my book free for Prime members on Amazon Kindle only, I began to think : “Why am I charging even 99 cents for this to others! It’s only thirty odd pages, gosh!”*

So, Good News: “Mark of Fortune” is free. Forever.  It is only nice to provide stories for people to download conveniently(and it received 50 downloads its first night!) I don’t brag at all, but it is nice to see some downloads but that only tells half the story.

Another thing writers should realize, is that writing may be a solo effort but collaboration takes place between their audience as well. Expecting feedback from an honest reader/reviewer can be healthy. If the review is overly critical or insane I ignore it.

Otherwise it is something in which we all share in.

I’m waiting for the feedback.

Now here is my Smashwords Edition of Mark of Fortune, click the link. Read and you can visit my Connect With E.J. Page to send your review as well as review on Smashwords.*

*I will be posting snippets from the book exclusively on Google+

*’Mark of Fortune was 30 pages and is now reduced to 23 after edits 🙂

*Tell me, are you working on a short story? Would you charge for it? Why or why not? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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