‘Cloudburst’- a powerful, fictional study in human psychology and earns five stars

Three Words.

Never. Trust. Kiera.

In “Cloudburst” Book 2 of the Storms/March Family saga, Sasha is a senior at Pacifica and is  confident, has no limp in her walk and is very popular. Her exotic looks from her mom, her witty intellect, and her intriguing past has gotten her a fan club and students at Pacifica treats her words and law and gold.

Kiera March has since moved away to a charm school and regularly emails and phones Sasha. It is amazing how close they have gotten since Kiera left her parents’ home and for a while there the story seems to shine for Sasha.

Until Ryder Garfield, a troubled but handsome young mans enters Pacifica. His parents and brother are celebrities from the movies and for a while he simply ignores Sasha. She eventually finds her way into his heart and they hit it off, causing quite a stir around the school. This stir bubbles and boils over when Sasha-stupidly- trusts Kiera and her world comes crashing down in a tragedy and she wonders if the silence which has defeaning before would now welcome her.


I used to think: Poor Sasha! But when she trusts Kiera’s invitation for her and Ryder to come up to a hotel where she was going to spend the weekend, flags flew up to me. Why trust Kiera? Even though it has been three years, we must understand that when someone hates our guts totally and we still live in their rich parents’ home- they will continue to be evil.

So when Sasha invited Ryder up to the suite as well, I braced myself for a storm – and I got it. Kiera’s plot to get Ryder and Sasha to separate permanently actually hurt me- and this is fiction! I did not enjoy this part of the book at all. Sasha should have been smarter.

And no. Kiera does not sleep with him. She does something much-much worse.

In the meantime the Marches are going through their own marital problems and Mr. March seems to have his eyes out for young girls…

Especially Sasha.

Read “Cloudburst”. It is almost  the perfect, fictional study of human psychology and sociology

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