The ‘classic V.C. Andrews formula’ and storms brewing in ‘Family Storms’

Family Storms by V.C. Andrews

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Do you really see me?”
So asks Sasha Fawne Porter in V.C. Andrews’ latest, “Family Storms”.

For those of you who do not know who this phenomenal writer is, she is the author of the very popular, dramatic story, “Flowers in the Attic” a superb gothic romance written with such sensitivity and detail it is such a tragedy that the author passed away from Breast Cancer in 1986 but her books still live on through a carefully selected ghost writer.

I’ve been reading V.C. Andrews books now since roughly 1995 and there is a distinct pattern to her works that one can trace through the plot. I call it the “Classic V.C. Andrews Format”

1. Girl found in a troubled home
2. Girl forced to leave the only place she knew(psychologically, emotionally, or physically)
3. A wealthy woman, typically, takes the girl under her wings and the male figure is wealthy and nonchalant-typically
4. Girl discovers something- good or bad, ambivalent
5. Girl’s story could continue in two or more books

In Family Storms Sasha and her mother are living on the streets and on one, rainy night her mother is hit and killed instantly leaving Sasha seriously injured and left in a shadow of hurt, confusion and despair.

In comes Jordan March, a wealthy woman who takes in Sasha and gives her everything a teen could want: expensive clothes, a luxurious home with an elegant bedroom to herself, servants to wait on her and the best in education. Not bad for someone coming from a place of Nothing to landing in a rich place where she never have to want for nothing again…

But if we know how V.C. Andrews storytelling is- all will not be rosy. Sasha soon discovers that the Marches’ have a few secrets of their own- the besroom Sasha now sleeps in belonged to their deceased daughter Alena who died of Leukemia. Is Mrs. March trying to turn Sasha into dead daughter? Sasha already feels Alena’s presence each night.

And then there’s Kiera. The Marches’ beautiful daughter who loves to party, hang out and skip school- she hates Sasha with a passion and will make sure Sasha feels hell all over again.

No matter what it costs.

As usual the story is in first person and is very captivating. I can never get tired reading V.C. Andrews’ books because the storyline although formulaic, is always refreshing and always manages to capture the essence of living, loving, dreaming, and believing in hope.

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