Maple Fork, Alabama, rocked off its chair in ‘Rock Star’

Rock Star by Roslyn Hardy Holcomb

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

She’s a small town bookstore owner from Maple Fork, Alabama.

He’s an international, sensational rock star with a scratchy, sensual voice.

Maple Fork, Alabama is about to rocked off its chair because once Bryan Spenser met Callie Lawson, owner of Books and So Forth, he had to know her. Had to be around her all the time. There were just a few differences which were actually hurdles they had to get through. In fact these hurdles included race, career, and their past.

Race and Love Relations

Bryan Spenser is white and Callie black.From the beginning Callie makes it known to Bryan that he is in Alabama now and not L.A. and black women are not as treasured as their white(or other race counterparts) and Bryan makes a cute comment “ You know what? I rarely see dark skinned women in the movies.” Of course Callie rants on and on about this and for some it may seem a lackluster first approach in their relationship.

However, we must remember that Alabama and many other places down south and maybe up north, race is still an issue; so the author did focus on this problem a bit much but it made(for me) a juicier concept. Even though Bryan, who is just so sweet and handsome with a “tortured poet” appearance going on- is surrounded by augmented, beautiful women everyday, he has eyes only for Callie.

Career Tangles

Okay so Bryan is a rock star. This includes staying up all hours in hotels, traveling the world, arguing with band members and being flocked by groupies.

Callie, on the other hand attends church once a month when she can get away from her bookstore business. So when she brought Bryan over for his first dinner at her parents, they were skeptical and quite frankly they got on my nerves with their thirty questions for him. There is concern and then there’s cackling. Although Callie’s younger twin sisters loved Bryan so much, the father understandably so wanted to know what a very famous guy wanted with his daughter- yes, he brought up the race issue too. Yikes.

The Past is the Past

Things heat up on a slow simmer in this book. Callie is so worried what her family and friends may think of her relationship with Bryan, that their first kiss doesn’t happen until the middle of the book and when it does happen- oh boy, the pages just sizzles and it continues to cook each time they are near each other.

Bryan is battling his past though. His best friend died months before he met Callie and so Callie, unaccustomed to problems of a tragic soul, tries to understand him. In fact, he has such a dark past she is totally unprepared for it or the relationship and so as a reader you get frustrated when she constantly tries to diss the relationship.

Bryan’s passion and sincerity is what made the book delicious and enjoyable to me. Callie was kind of blah…so four stars.

All in all a really good book and hope to read more from Roslyn Hardy Holcomb.

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