Juicy blurbs update: A girl meets a young Shakespeare, a retelling of little red riding hood, and more…

Recently I wrote an article about the Christian Fiction I will be reading and reviewing to close out Spring 2012. However, below you will find a listing for other books I plan to review involving a girl who travels back through time to meet Shakespeare, Bergren’s pervious historical about a gifted race of people and more…

Cascading through Spring 2012 brings some bad news and a bit of good news in fiction…

First of all, the bad news: A local Norfolk bookstore is closing down June 1st, 2012 and the owner is saying, “Make me an offer”. You can have some 9,000 volumes of classics and reference materials for a loaded $15,000 dollars. See Bookstore Closing in Hampton Roads for more details.

Now the good news you have been waiting for. Upcoming reviews for Christian Fiction you would not want to miss, including a nonfiction title that explains inspiration for most of this author’s Amish Fiction! Below you’ll find the upcoming reviews to close out properly, Spring 2012!(Read more on Examiner)

Here’s the list you’ve been waiting for:

Image Courtesy of Random House Children’s Books

A modern-day girl is transported back to 16th-century England, where she gets to meet a young William Shakespeare.

Miranda has Shakespeare in her blood: she hopes one day to become a Shakespearean actor like her famous parents. At least, she does until her disastrous performance in her school’s staging of The Taming of the Shrew. Humiliated, Miranda skips the opening-night party. All she wants to do is hide.

Publication Date: August 14, 2012

They are gifted and in 14th Century Italy…
At the height of the Inquisition, a secret half a millennium old is about to be exposed-a lost letter said to have been written by Paul and part of what was to become the foundation of the Christian canon. It speaks of men and women-the Gifted-with mysterious spiritual gifts that struck fear in the heart of the Church. Now the letter has surfaced. The Gifted ones are coming together. Their prophecy is coming true. (Summary from Amazon.com)
                                                                                                Publication Date: September 4, 2007
Image Courtesy of Simon Pulse


Ruth’s grandmother lives in the forest, banished there for the “evil” that the townsfolk believed she practiced. But if studying the stars, learning about nature, and dreaming of flying is evil, then Ruth is guilty of it too. Whenever Ruth took food and supplies to her grandmother, she would sit with the old woman for hours, listening and learning.

When she wasn’t in the woods, Ruth was learning the trade of her father, a blacksmith, now that her brother would never return from the Crusades.

Publication Date: April 6, 2004

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