‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ another dark fairytale?

From the movie ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’

With all the Mirror Mirrors and queens asking who is the fairest of them all, I must say that secretly I hoped for an action thriller or sci-fi movie where there is more cultural diversity. Now before you get upset I will say this-

I would love to see Snow White and the Huntsman, simply because the director, Joe Roth is the one who did the stunningly dark and appealing Alice in Wonderland. the second reason I want to see the movie is because Kristen Stewart(Twilight, Panic Room) will be playing the sword swinging “fairest of them all”, how cool is that?

For a brief synopsis of the movie head to Snow White and the Huntsman to read all about it and peek at some photos. All star cast includes the ever beautiful Charlize Theron and the Thor man himself Chris Hemsworth.

I am all for remakes of classic fairytale, I am unsure as to why they have to be dark, but if you add some beasts, some romance, and action to it I’ll more than likely give it a try 🙂

The movie is due out June 1st


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