‘Red Sky’, Native American history splashed with colorful romance

Red SkyRed Sky by Renee Alexis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Justine Roberts-Peretti, a photojournalist with an adventurous spirit, takes on an assignment in Gallup, New Mexico. There, she meets the owner of a jewelry store who manages to sweep her off her feet and causes her to forget her own vow to leave men alone completely. It is literally love at first sight.

Darrius Red Sky, Native American, listens to his heart, the wind, his soul and they all told him that Justine is the woman he’s been waiting for. He falls head over heels for the saucy , African-American/Italian in a heartbeat and enjoys how she knows so much about his culture.

What’s to Love

I read this book in about two days max and I feel it has been awhile since an author has taken such time to paint the backdrop with the history of Native Americans to the point where I felt I was there eating the buffalo stew and corn muffins and the sights Justine experienced were also splashed in wild colors of reds, greens, blacks, and of course the hot touch of Darrius Sky’s lips and his instant love for her.

What’s to Really Love

Warning! There are some really decadent, spicy intimate scenes between Justine and Darrius. The great point though is that is from their love for each other and the scenes are not just there to be there. It literally places the characters where they want to end up. The book was hefty with stories about the tribes and my favorite- the Koshari clown(which I will be looking up), but it serves up a nice story.

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