How would you describe the action of creating a story?


Authors(self pubbed or traditionally published, or not pubbed at all), have one thing in common: They write.

What they write is what lives on in our hearts for  along time. So here are some descriptions of what stories really are…

  1. A heart that beats once and is resounding…
  2. A person’s memoir fresh with an old tale
  3. A dream expanded across the screen
  4. Conversations explored
  5. The right to listen to the voices
  6. Access to Muse files
  7. Playing God across the page
  8. Illusions of grandeur tapping the reader’s brain
  9. Telling lies we pay for
  10. A murmur of romance, speeding up hearts and fueling passion
  11. Scrapping bits and piece of trash and treasures, tossed from life and neatly regrouping…

*Any more descriptions for writing? I’d love to see them 🙂


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