Trek Across the Blogs: From Turkish Lands to Stella Marr’s Haunting Poem

Photographer| Cyrille Le Déaut

As promised, I have visited a couple of blogs this week and here is what I’ve learned:

In geography class, we only touched on a few countries and continents but Russia was one I just couldn’t grasp. I mean the history is there and perhaps I just didn’t know who all of the groups were that invaded Russia. So I visit Jackson Philipe’s blog and found an old post on Turks and Their Empires. Check out the blog for more on this subject.

Then I visit Stella Marr’s Blog: Call Girl Undercover and read the poem You Might Kill Me. the poem was written with such real imagery and thought, so much feeling it packs a punch to your gut. Stella knows a thing or two about pain and having something precious taken over and over again, but you must visit her blog to find out more about this amazing lady.

Thank you and Lord willin’ I’ll be seeing your blog too! 🙂


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