‘Falling in Love With the Bible’ by Mike Macintosh

Falling in Love with the BibleFalling in Love with the Bible by Mike MacIntosh

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Just trust Him, just love him. He loves you.

Why not plunge ahead and believe?

No, this isn’t a romance novel I’m reviewing, although I love sappy stories. I am talking about Macintosh’s book on loving what the bible has to offer. I suppose God’s way of romancing us…

Once I cracked open the pages and dived right in, I closed the book and thought, “Let me think like an unbeliever so I can see this with fresh eyes”
And that’s what I did.

Mike Macintosh’s book is refreshing and deeply spiritual. He may talk about the bible, but it all goes back to the Author who inspired it: God. He tells us that as a young man he sought many gurus and mystics and other “enlightened” teachers and it was only when he came across his old pal the Bible that he realized what was missing.

The Bible is not a book that only “old people read” and a person can’t call themselves a literary scholar, or a scholar at all without including the bible in his or her studies. This means the bible is such an important reference tool for living and I was amazed, even after so many years, to discover that most women and men in the Bible suffered and went through the same trials I/we face today.

So what other refreshing points caught my eye while reading?
• Reading and studying the bible is important for cultivating a relationship with God(pg. 203)

• God is not silent, he does speak(pg. 204)

• If you have not read the bible for yourself and in its entirety, suspend judgment of it.

• “Most people are bothered by those passages of Scripture they do not understand, but the passages that bother me are those I do understand.-Mark Twain
• Our pride keeps us from seeking God’s Word as counsel.

• The Scriptures tell dozens of stories on the importance of community and fellowship, studying the Word together with other saints and friends strengthens us daily.

• Having a problem? Identity crisis? Seek the bible. There’s a person in there you may identify with who was scared and lonely too, or just as confused about life as you are.

• When you read the bible, pray, seek the Holy Spirit, and keep dictionaries and commentaries handy- just in case.

Book Details:
Falling in Love With the Bible
Mike Macintosh
Published: Victor, a Cook Communications Ministries(2005)
ISBN: 0-7814-4136-6

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