Monthly visits to your blog, a sincere thanks

Photographer |Hamed Saber

How often do we visit each other’s blogs? Is it of high importance?

It can be.

Then why don’t we?

I think it is because after thinking on our topic, then posting, we rarely feel like reading anymore or we have busy lives which prevents us from visiting and sharing comments on each other’s pages.

Not anymore.

I want to thank all my visitors, subscribers, and commenters for their contributions and in return, since I am always so busy, I will schedule “monthly” visits. Not the Aunt Flo stuff, but will take time once a month to visit and comment or share posts and your blog could be featured here on mine! If you check your stats often, you will be able to see referral links from those who like your posts and have shared it.

I am not sure when I will be able to start these visits, but I am hoping to by next week to see how all of you are doing.

Think of it as inviting folks to your home. 🙂

Again, thanks so much for enjoying this blog and I will be posting more soon!

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