Review of ‘The Guardian’ and exploring love, law and obsession

To start my review, I’d like to add that I have never- I repeat- NEVER read a Nicholas Sparks book before. What got me interested was watching A Walk to Remember starring Mandy Moore which aired last year on TBN and I found the story so moving, I wanted to know who the writer was. Before that, I was required to watch The Notebook for one of my courses (but did not access to it at the time). So last week I checked out a few Sparks’ books and the premise for the Guardian seemed enticing.

Basically, in The Guardian, 29 year old Julie Barenson lost her husband to cancer four years ago and is now in the dating pool. Her constant companion is her Great Dane named Singer, a gift from her late husband. The book starts off with Julie and her life in the salon and her pretty bad dates.

Until Richard Franklin.

He is smooth. Charming. Buys her anything she wants. However, Julie’s husband’s friend Mike Harris has trouble finding love and it is because he is in love with one woman- Julie. Things go downhill fast when an obsession turns into assault and hidden evil in a man’s heart shows up and Julie winds up in danger.

The book was hard to put down and it’s been a while since I’ve read a book mixed with love and suspense and when I say suspense, I mean page turning. Some obsession, some jealousy and yes, some bloodshed occurs in this book and stole my sleep.

It also pricked my tears.

Now, for the slightly downside:  There was a slight issue with grammar in this novel and mistakes in dialogue, specifically on page 335 when it was supposed to be Jennifer’s point of view instead of Julie’s. But that’s small potatoes.

All in all, a great story worth 4.5 stars and I will be reading much more of this talented writer’s stories.

Quote Pleaser: “What does that say about the criminal justice system? This guy can do whatever he wants, but I can’t do a damn thing.”(Sparks, 2003, pg. 233: The Guardian)

If you like: Fatal Attractions, you would love this book.


Book Details:

The Guardian

Author: Nicholas Sparks

ISBN: 0-446-52779-3


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