A doll pressed issue: Are young adult themes being reheated too much?

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Authors may be getting five stars for their smooth, writing quality, but there seems to be a failing grade in originality. The characters are not even appearing remotely different across the genres. What sparked this “cut from the same cloth technique?”

The Doll Pressed Issue:

One reviewer, Marg K on Goodreads said, First of all, I just did not find the characters to be original or even interesting. They were all made from the same molds we’ve seen used in YA fiction over & over again.”[Review of a teen fiction]

The same reviewer goes on to list her own evidence of cookie cutter themes in works based off the novel she read.

What sparked the girl -who-doesn’t -think -she’s- pretty -but -caught- in- love- triangle -theme, may not be working for most readers.

But does this mean every teen novel should have the plain/beautiful girl in distress who finds out she is something more through interaction with hot dudes?

I have read some pretty interesting teen fiction and I don’t mind love triangles, in fact I crave romance and silly triangles. I don’t know, it’s a fresh but reused idea in a way, but now it appears to be getting stale for most YA fic lovers.

So what are readers looking for? More specifically what I am looking for when I read a teen fiction novel or any novel for that matter.

First, I look for a good storyline.

Second, believable characters that do unbelievable things yet make me love and hate them as if they are real.

That’s all I hope for when I read a novel. Two books I read this year were really good, but one had the proverbial triangle, yet had great plot.

There You’ll Find Me, had no triangles but featured a handsome actor who falls for the main character. Lovely.

Halflings is about a girl caught between two handsome angels and each encounter was pretty hot. Nice.

What are your thoughts on in this matter?


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