A little of this, a little of that, a dash of new and fantasy writing

Some of the most amazing things have been happening and I can’t wait to share it with you. I am certain many of you have exciting writing/reading/blogging news as well. If not. You will. Promise.

First of all, I have been reading some of the most intelligent, well researched, suspenseful books. Twilight by Peter James and I just completed Fana’s story in My Soul to Take by Tananarive Due. The latter review will be posted below this post.

Secondly, I have had stories pouring into my mind. However, I could not just sit and spill my guts on the PC. Oh no. I went to my local library and checked out some awesome books on grammar, editing and how to write a novel. These books are perfect for those wanting to self publish or go the traditional way. I’ll post about that some other time. Just know that having a dream is good. Having the imagination is great. But putting a lil’ “elbow grease” on those manuscripts to get them in tip top shape, is even better.

Third, I have completed my novella and it will be available on Kindle(Kindle Loan for those who are Amazon Prime members) and I am so excited. It is pretty short because it is kind of a prequel to the series so it won’t swallow those megabytes on your e-readers. 🙂 Without giving so much away, here’s a little about the novella.

Stone was on one mission and one mission only: To rescue his friend Korin of the Hues from the Grand Marid. He finds himself suddenly drawn to a slightly older woman who attends community college who has eyes like that of “melty” gold and too much attitude. Her name is Samosa, and Stone will soon discover that there is more to her than he thought and she will find out that what he can give her does not compare to what they need from each other.

That is all I can give for now, but I think you will enjoy it. I am in the final phase of editing and can’t wait for the responses. The story certainly appeals to me but it does matter to me what you think.

How has your writing journey been? Any new tips and awesome discoveries?


My Soul to Take (African Immortals, #4)My Soul to Take by Tananarive Due

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A supernatural union is about to take place.

Many will cheer.

Others will die.

My Soul to Take is the fourth and final(?) book in Tananarive Due’s African Immortal Series. For those who have not read the previous books, please check them out in the order listed below this review.

Fana returns as one about to be betrothed to Michel. Fana has wonderous powers and her blood, Glow, which is being distributed across the nation, is making the government mad for political and economical reasons. Michel, who has immortal powers as well, does not like Glow being transported to heal people and he has his own personal reasons for that.

In this novel, a favorite, beloved character from *Joplin’s Ghost returns and of course we revisit Jessica Jacobs Wolde and Dawit/David Wolde, Fana’s parents as they all risk their hearts, their minds and souls to stop the plague hitting people across the globe. The book definitely jumps from time to time and place to place. One moment your in Mexico and Africa the next. It is true that Due has researched well for this book.

What’s to love:

Ahhh, what’s not to love about a book featuring every culture under the sun. Specifically one featuring an African American girl with incredible powers and who is described as athletic and beautiful. Another shining gem in this work is that it is a genre buster. In my opinion, My Soul to Take reads more like a cross between political fiction/suspense/science fiction/speculation. Some scenes reminded me of a cross between X Men 3 and Kill Bill. Really. I also enjoy the pull of emotions and strength of the family and friendship bond which added that bit of reality for me. Again, Due is spot on with her terrific writing.

The African Immortal Series(In Order)

• My Soul to Keep

• The Living Blood

• Blood Colony

• My Soul to Take

*If you have not read Joplin’s Ghost, read that as well. It is not part of the AI series.

If you like: Fledgling by Octavia Butler, comic book heroes with super powers and African American fiction rolled into one, then you’ll love My Soul to Take.

Book Details:

My Soul to Take

Author: Tananarive Due

Published: Washington Square Press

ISBN: 978-1-439-7614-6

Price: $13.00 US



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