Book Review Alert: ‘There You’ll Find Me’

There You'll Find MeThere You’ll Find Me by Jenny B. Jones
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Eighteen year old Finley Sinclair is preparing for a music audition, trying to seek God and is about to spend senior year in Ireland- the place her deceased brother loved. While there, she meets the teen movie heartthrob Beckett Rush and she gets more than she ever prayed for.

Finley, whose name means “fair warrior” has a few problems in her life and the main one is getting over her brother’s murder. To try and alleviate her pain and see the places her brother writes about in his journal, she travels to Ireland and decides to spend her senior year there visiting the sights, the sounds and the food in the beautiful country. However, once on the plane, she meets a seriously attractive guy in the most unusual way: By snoozing and drooling-on his sleeve.

The handsome stranger is none other than Beckett Rush, the teen movie star who plays a flawless vampire and is in every magazine causing girls to scream and faint on site. But not Finley. She has too many problems of her own and does not earn him the time of day. As the story progresses, however, we learn that Finley has another serious, dark issue which has been going unchecked and it will take a nun, an actor, and a dying woman to show her that God really is still in the picture and letting go of the pain to let Him usher in joy can begin to healing process.

What was so poignant and exciting about this book was Jones’ attention to the little things we miss in life: Such as how someone gives undivided attention when we speak, or when someone comes to rescue us, or how one small misleading incident can draw rifts between families. The very exciting part was how Beckett Rush was a movie star but was so caring- much too caring than a teen star would probably be in real life, but then again who knows? Finley became too unbearable to deal with towards the end, shoving away those who loved her when they began to notice signs of her secret. Again, in reality young adults still have much to bear but may not communicate their needs well if at all.

If You Like: Ireland, fish and chips, and a good love story, then you’ll love There You’ll Find Me

*Book Details:
There You’ll Find Me
Author:  Jenny B. Jones
Published: Thomas Nelson (2011)
ISBN: 978-1-59554-540-4(soft cover)

*Book received for my unbiased review through NetGalley from Thomas Nelson Bonus

Review Feature: In the novel There You’ll Find Me, Beatrice is one of the mean girls with an eye out for Beckett Rush and this forms a kind of stumbling block for Finley. The reading group guide at the end of the book asks why would a girl be this mean. In my opinion, girls are only mean because they have severely low self esteem. Otherwise, why would they belittle  others?

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