Not appropriate for my Christian readers, but was good fiction

Priestess of the NilePriestess of the Nile by Veronica Scott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It is forbidden for a human to physically join with a Great One or a god, but when Sobek meets Merys, a priestess, their passion for one another threatens to ignite and blast through the old rules. This novella is a quick read for anyone who loves two things: Ancient history and erotica.

The story takes place along the Nile River and among the temples of the gods. Merys is a sun kissed skinned beauty with a beautiful soprano voice and one day while Sobek is walking along the “ruins of the beach” he finds her and is immediately entranced. He speaks with her and wonders why she is hanging around crocodiles near the temple. Doesn’t she knew they could kill her? Yet she wears an amulet for protection. The book quickly progresses to Sobek and her falling in love and both of them learn a little something about each other. The only issue is that Sobek is not just a handsome man with long hair and pale green/golden eyes and a chiseled chest. He is something much more and their lives could be threatened if their trysts continue.

The book held nothing back. It gave the power of story, the power of character, the power of plot and ancient history complete with things we may know from the movie The Mummy: like Anubis, weighing of the hearts in canopic(?)jars, and the different gods of the sun and air, and the author was also not afraid to inject how upsetting reality can be and the fight for true love. Not everyone will accept it for what it is. There are people everyday who wish to be together forever but cannot because of backgrounds, religion, color, etc.

One aspect that caused me to give this book 4.5 stars is because the beliefs in different gods taking care of each realm in a human life and treating us as if we are nothing is vastly different from what I believe- yet on a more scholarly note, this is what the beliefs were in Egypt, 1500 BC. So no way could I get mad at that.

I can definitely see myself reading more of Veronica Scott’s books. This one was very satisfying.
If you like: The Mummy and/or Clash of the Titans (with a romantic twist in it), then you’ll love Priestess of the Nile.

Book Details:
Priestess of the Nile
Veronica Scott
Published: Carina Press(2012)
ISBN: 978-4268-9309-4

*Book received for review from Netgalley for an unbiased review.

Bonus Review Feature (SPOILER): Sobek is a crocodile god and because of this he can change into a half man half croc or a full thirty foot long killing machine. I thought about the name Sobek for a long time and it finally dawned on me: The energy drink I loved so much a few years ago with the crocodile on the front was called Sobe. I should be looking up that name-obviously it has to do with lizards.

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