‘Partials’ gets 4.5 stars for originality and new hope in 2076

Partials (Partials, #1)Partials by Dan Wells

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ever since The Break-when the disease RM spread by half human robots called Partials, devastated the world in more ways than one: Humans had to fight because babies that are born die in three days or less with the disease ravaging their little bodies, the Senate proposes an even younger age for women to give birth just so they can find that miracle baby and in the meantime Kira Walker, a trained medical professional, takes it upon herself to find a cure for the disease and the cure may be found, ironically in enemy territory.

What’s To Love About This Book

This book has friendship and bonding elements, especially between Kira Walker and Marcus, and their friends and other unlikely partners in their fight to survive.

I also enjoyed the realistic setting in Rhode Island, U.S.- vast, barren, abandoned houses, feral animals and no shopping malls. Pretty much how it could be in the year 2076 anyway.

Another instant enjoyment was the connection between Kira and Samm. Samm is a partial who actually makes you like him as you read the story. The book also had realistic ideas considering what could happen if there was a major outbreak in the world. The Hope Act is what the Senate set in place forcing girls younger than eighteen to have children to further populate the world and The Voice are those who were violently against it.

What’s Not To Love/Perplexing

For some readers, the Hope Act would seem disturbing, as this law is passed so that young girls could give birth. However, realistically speaking that would probably happen if the population of the world is only 36,000 folks.

Second, Kira’s decision to fight until the end and fight at all costs is admirable. However it is all at the expense of Marcus who absolutely loves her and each times he says he cares about her, she runs off to fight not caring what he has to say most of the time. Again, this is so heroic of her but I wonder if Marcus should move on…

Partials is a novel filled with uncertainties, hope, and the need for a brighter future and it may all rest on Kira’s shoulders. The book ends with a twist, in fact towards the end you may be surprised at something which I will not mention.

Just know that this book get’s 4.5 stars for originality, well pacing, and characters to love.

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