Another self pubbed author strikes the gold…

Another author who has sent in her manuscript to dozens of publishers and been rejected has finally been picked up byS&S books for young readers and she is now sitting on top of a six figure three book deal.

I’m talking about Brittany Geragotelis, author of the self pubbed Life’s a Witch. In a sentence, the protagonist is a descendant of a woman accused for being a witch, the woman was executed and now the teen must face contemporary times in high school while facing supernatural presence from the past[Read more about Brittany Geragotelis on Publisher’s Weekly]

Now, when you hear stories like these, it is easy to read the headline, the plot line and then close out of the page.

Don’t do that.

While reading the article I found that Geragotelis did some things that self pubbed and aspiring traditional pubbed writers should be doing:

  • Writing. This is the difficult part, but in order to think about publishing, you should just write.
  • Pay attention to trends. This certainly does not mean follow the trends, I certainly never do, but Brittany Gerogotelis is now capitalizing on the hugest market out there- Teen Supernatural Fiction.
  •  Huge online following. At this point, if you do not have at least a blog, a website, or even Twitter you are not getting your name out there. In fact, creating a social network now and generating buzz NOW about your genre of choice is the key to having people love you and your works.
  • Never giving up. Again, people like Amanda Hocking and Gerogotelis neve gave up. They submitted their manuscripts, got turned down, and decided to go ahead and self publish. Hey, that’s what Lulu, CreateSpace, and e-publishing is there for. When several doors close, one major free-way opens up.

Take this as a lesson: Never, ever give up.


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