Tracking An Author: A twinkling muse can give up on you

Sad, sad news.

I have given up the story as a ghost and it has been set free to cross over to the light. I just have not the strength to finish the manuscript. Now, I know not finishing is a very bad thing to post on a blog called The Write Web”, but I try to be a truth teller at all times and in this way I can honestly deal with what the problem could be.

Question: Have you ever had a really great plot, theme, and character in mind but as soon as you write it, life experiences, a song, a movie or conversation causes you to change what you’ve written?

Yeah, that’s whats been happening to me. My muse seems to have taken a very long lunch break and I haven’t seem her  twinkling behind my eyes as of late. Oh well.

However this explains why many great authors are now coming out with bestselling fiction. They are so strong for having completed a manuscript no matter what. It also explains why there ar emore great stories to be published- but haven’t. Fear of the competition could be it as well.  In many cases Christian authors have the Ultimate Tool and that is God guiding their fingertips and personally I think He is trying to tell me something these days.

Question: For those who are interested in writing Christian Fiction…what motivates you(along with God) while writing your story? Think on that as I show a brief tentative schedule of writing plans.

Here is my writing schedule revamped:

  • Tear story to pieces. Add new characters but the theme will be kept the same
  • While working on that, begin book cover concept for my second book which is completed and due out sometime Spring 2012- woot!
  • Begin series on writing contruction and unconventional writing wisdom- which will be shown on this blog for those interested in all things writing, publishing, and promotions.

So, that’s what’s in store for this blog. It is intended as therapy for me and writing/reading help to you.

What are your writing plans for this year? I’d love to hear them!

Oh, by the way I am on now, so instead of a long list of books posted here you can view my bookshelves and other goodies here:

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