What agents are tired of seeing: Trending fangs and fur

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The quest while writing a fictional work is hard. As much as I enjoy reading novels, actually writing one requires stealth. I have no problem in the imagination department, it’s just getting things down so that it makes perfect sense to me once I read snippets aloud thats the problem.

The conundrum is…What trend should I/you explore? Which books are getting picked up by agents/publishers?

Here’s my conundrum though: While browsing the web, I found an interesting article on Writer’s Digest about an agent who actually enjoys reading romance, science fiction and fantasy. Nicole Resciniti holds degrees in Biology, Psychology, and Neuroscience(my three favorite subjects) and I was so happy to learn that she has her finger on the trends right now as she spoke honestly and truthfully about what books are published and which are getting canned. When asked what kind of writing she’d love to see but not getting, Nicole responds,

I would love to see more romance (all genres) and sci-fi/fantasy/UF. I’ve found most of my clients through slush, so I’m a huge fan of it. My e-mail inbox is a virtual scratch-off ticket, and every e-mail I open could be a big winner. I request the first five pages pasted into the body of the e-mail. It is always my greatest hope that I’ll start reading and won’t want to stop. When that happens, I immediately request the partial or complete.

So what is it Nicole Resciniti do not want to see or is tired of seeing?

YA(Young Adult).  Fang and fur with YA. Another subject that is quickly being overused and re-warmed is the dystopian theme(think Hunger Games, Zombies, fallen government type books). These books have made it to print and movie already.

For many of us that puts us in a bad place. Why? We love Young Adult adult books! Especially ones where the bad guy is actually good, or folks turn into huge dogs , or a society that is on the brink of ruins. In fact, many adults read YA because its almost like reliving teen moments-the good moments I suppose.

I actualy understand why publishers and agents are tired of seeing this theme. I mean, as much as I adore Twilight,The Vampire Diaries; fang-fur fiction, it is being bled so much it may quickly die out and by time you or I publish that YA book, the hype will have dissipated. But there is hope.

Resciniti says at the end of her interview that she does want to see more science fiction where women are more of the hero type(emphasis mine) and fang-fur fiction is not so bad if there is a uniqueness to it and some angst that will interest the reader.

So for now, just keep plotting away like I am. Thankfully my mind hasn’t been overtaken by fangs, fur and zombies as I write- yay!

Your feedback is greatly apreciated!


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