To be read, to be loved, to be missed

My TBR(To Be Read) pile is growing. Especially in my Pandigital Novel e-reader and my print book pile. Below is the list of books I will be reading and reviewing pretty soon. Have a list compiled too? Share that list here!


Miracles Are For Real, James L. Garlow and Keith Wall


The Essential Guide to Healing, Bill Johnson and Randy Clark

Growing Up Amish, Ira Wagler

Managing God’s Money, Randy Alcorn

If God is Good, Randy Alcorn

I Love Everybody(And Other Atrocious Lies), Laurie Notaro


Fools Rush In, Janice Thompson

Halflings, Heather Burch

My Soul To Take, Tananarive Due

Shadow Walker, L.A. Banks

*This completes the list of books I hope to finish before the end of winter 2012. They seem to be pretty decent titles and I love how it is a mixture of self-help, intriguing, fiction, and refreshingly real biographies. Can’t wait.

On a sad note, I just read a sample of Shadow Walker by L.A. Banks and thoroughly enjoyed those sixty pages written with such description and clarity, I felt I was a part of the Neteru Academy. However, after browsing the web for this author I learn that she has passed away last year due to Adrenal Cancer…this kicked me in the gut because when I first learned about Octavia E. Butler in 2007 I find out she passed away the year before and again it was a kick in the stomach as if I knew these two African American women as close friends.

Their words live on in their stories.


2 thoughts on “To be read, to be loved, to be missed

  1. Not sure if you knew L.A Banks, wrote 12 books before she wrote shadow walker. That took place 16 years in the past.Great story!

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