Fanfiction starling E.L. James and her new book ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, raises questions

Fanfiction is guilty of only one thing- allowing writers to explore a given premise immensely and honestly and spinning it in the way they want, similar to a DJ taking pieces of music and creating something new anyone can bounce to.

E.L. James is just like me and many others: Writing fancfiction due to inspiration. Fortunately, E. L. James has been getting success reports from GoodReads and even exposure in Publishers weekly for their own book Fifty Shades of Grey based very loosely on her Twilight fanfic. It also has five star reviews on Amazon. How is that for a wonderful exercise in fiction? The downside is that some ask if it is copyright infringement due to spark of interest in the Twilight Series…hmmmm, well there is absolutely no mention of vampires in James’s work according to some sites so where is the infringement?

I digress…

The best writing exercise to help your own writing is to start with a premise, some unique characters and the drive to write.

No matter what writing books tell you, or what I tell you- writing doesn’t take magic…just the willingness to share the story.  This is a thing of passion and imagination. Well, someone else’s imagination…but you get the point.

Check out sites like and, to unleash your writing powers and see if you too can craft that story- I know you can.

(click on Fifty Shades of Grey image to be directed to Amazon)


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