Book Review: ‘The Monster’s Corner’, different delight to read, not what I expected

Remember when I did a review of the Christian Fiction book ‘Night of the Living Dead Christian?‘ Well, I have went ahead and began reading another monster book(non-Christian) of famous monsters told from their point of view. For the sake of not doing a really long post, I will give my opinion of a few of my favorite stories from said anothology.

Christopher Golden has put together 19 stories written by amazing award winning and popular writers to date  including Tananarive Due and Heather Graham. Before reading this book, forget everything you ever knew about gory stories and monsters because reading through the eyes of a monster is a trippy ride and some stories had skervy versimillitude especially the story “And You Wonder Why Our First Impulse is to Kill You”-that story was written in quick strokes but jumped scenes occassionally but you’ll get the point.

My favorite story includes the first one Awkward Age by David Liss, about an older man trying to fit into a younger ghoul’s life. That one was quite interesting. The next one I liked was Big Man by David Moody who writes from the point of view of a soldier sent to capture a man growing every second. A moving story indeed.  Breeding the Demons by Nate Kenyon was a trip, truly because the protagonist captures souls with his camera, but at what price of his own soul?

Siren Song by Dana Stabenow didn’t involve the “normal” monsters we know, but instead, three attractive women accused of murdering a pimp.  The Screaming Room by Sarah Pinborough revisits the mythological Medusa and her enduring pain at seducing men whom she turns to stone-a chilling read.

Wicked Be by Heather Graham is told from a woman whom we can safely assume is a witch during the time of the hangings and those accused of being a witch. She’s a nice gal, until the town picks on the wrong family—hers.

Specimen 313  by Jeff Strand will remind you of Little Shop of Horrors. Need I say more?

I reviewed The Lake by Tananarive Due;  go here.

The last story by Gary A. Braunbeck, And You Wonder Why Our First Impulse is to Kill You, carried themes of abuse, small town horrors,and  why monsters love Joyce Carol Oates and more disturbing trails of words.

All in all I give this book 4.5 stars for simply being wonderfully different. I would give it 5 if there was more…spook to it? Not sure how else to put it. Don’t get me wrong, there is gore and a few stories certainly had me spooked, especially the one called “Less of a Girl”(Now I know how eyeballs should taste- yuck!)

Book Details

The Monsters Corner, edited by Christopher Golden

Published by St. Martins(2011)

ISBN: 978-0-312-64613-4

Price: $10.19 on Amazon-price could change

ebook price: $9.99 on Kindle


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