Tracking An Author: Pressing onward with shorts and longs…

The problem with the human mind is that sometimes it doesn’t give the heart time to process things one by one and in slow motion…

This week I am almost done with my novel which will be about 180 pages. This is the partial good news though. The other news is that so far, at least 5 other short stories and a novel made themselves known in my dreams and while writing out my current novel. I couldn’t write them down quick enough in my marble journal.

Why is this happening?

It is my fault I guess. While reading other books, I have been watching sicence fiction/horror films on the Syfy channel and although not exaclty inspired I see that my mind works double time, even when listening to music there is a story there hidden like a small jewel amongst the heap of trash in an industrial site.

It is there and I am to pluck it up.

So, this particular novel I am finishing up will more than likely be an e-book. I  aim to get it out there faster perhaps after a little editing and such. The genre will be a soft romance/inspirational. However I such an eclectic person so the other stories following will not be as delicate. Its only a reflection of who I am: Delicate yet Edgy.

Stay tuned for more and remember you can grab up The Prayer Monologues for 99 cents on Smashwords or order at CreateSpace.

How was everyone’s Christmas? You can tell me here. Mine was lovely and laid back. Played lots of Monopoly with my husband 🙂


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