‘Harlequin Holiday Collection’, e-book review, warm romance under the x-mas tree


For a review about the last story in this collection please head over to http://www.examiner.com/christian-fiction-in-norfolk/the-perfect-holiday-e-book-doesn-t-cost-a-dime-review.

Now, there were four great stories in the book, written by talented, intelligent authors who wanted to warm our hearts this holiday with intrique and unique characters and I must say I was not disappointed. However when it comes to short story collections there is always at least one or two that leaves more of an imprint than others.

In A Dead Guy in a Pear Tree by Leslie Kelly , Holly Cavanaugh finds a body wrapped in a christmas tree she just purchased and with the sudden discovery, her ex boyfriend, and reporter Zach suddenly shows up and old feelings springs up. Very steamy very hot and became one of my favorites.

Seduced by the Season by Merline Lovelace was about a waitress in Dublin, Ireland and an investigator teaming up to catch a thief with a taste for artifacts. This story had to be short and was evident by the scant histories of Stonehenge and other historical places thrown in for good measure and the quick atttraction between the protagonists and then a sweet conclusion. Not one of my ABSOLUTE favs but was a promising story nonetheless.

Now, we get to Evidence of Desire by Debra Web, a woman is hired to be a forensic scientist to a company but someone is out to kill her. Six days before christmas at that! Meanwhile her coworker(the one who looks hot) seems to be ignoring her but remaining a gentlemen when she needs his help, but this time she really need him. I enjoyed this one a lot. Suspense!

The last story was Season of Wonder by Marta Perry, seems obviosuly to be a Christian Fiction piece or at least inspirational and was very endearing. For more about my thoughts on this see link at the beginning of this post.

Alright…on to more reading. My husband fed my reading addiction by purchasing another e-book and it will remain a secret until I review it.

Stay tuned! 🙂


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