‘The Lake’, free e-book from the monster’s pov

I made the pledge months ago to read print books. You can  spot this on the right side of my blog. However, I do have a Pandigital novel which is a simple, cost effective ebook/multimedia tablet in which I can download over a 1 million books from B&N.com and books from other sources in acceptable formats.

Trust me, I still own WAY more print books than e-books.

Last week I had the interesting pleasure in downloading and reading a short story called  ‘The Lake’ by Tanarive Due author of the African Immortal Series and The Between. I’ve already read almost all of her Immortals series and she is an excellent writer and storyteller.

The Lake |Tananarive Due

In ‘The Lake’, a teacher transfers schools and I got the distinct feeling the story was being told in the preset tense, third person omniscient- which mean the horrific deed has already happened. You see, ‘The Lake’ is just one of 20 stories from the new anthology called The Monster’s Corner: Stories told from the monster’s point of view…

So in the story, the teacher finds this nice home with a mysterious lake out back and she has this weird urge to only be around young men and come to find out she needs the young boys from her new summer school class to help with her floorboards and other new home fixtures.

She unwittingly continue to swim in the lake against her best friend’s warning…

The story was unputdownable. I want to learn about the monsters from The Monster’s Corner and can’t wait until I can download it.

*Side Note:  The story seems to be a metaphor to what happens when those in position don’t take caution against their own desires and cause a ruckus in society. I am sure(or not?) that Due wanted this female figure to become a symbol of those who prey on the young, but the way she wrote this story was profound and delicious n so few pages….

Get the book free: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-lake-tananarive-due/1104226702?ean=9781429962438&itm=1&usri=the+lake

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