For a limited time only…The Prayer Monologues is available as a free download!

E.J. Smith | CreateSpace

As mentioned on me and my hubby’s website Brass Hands Books, we are going to deliver more of our books for free, more often. We can identify with everyone else these days that purchasing books at any amount of cost can be a risk(but that is why we have sampling so people don’t waste their time and money on books they’d rather pass over).

My  book The Prayer Monologues will be available for free download to your Sony, Kobo, ePub readers, B&N, and Kindles.

Why not print books?

Well, I do have the book available in print for those trying to keep the classic book in hands-I totally get it! However, giving away ebooks seem quicker and easier to distribute rather than order more print books for a giveaway(which I will do next year anyway, stay tuned).

Head over to, to download your FREE copy of my book The Prayer Monologues.

I thank you in advance for your Tweets, Likes, Diggs, and honest reviews!! 🙂

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