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The helix of choice, passion fruit, and the past does have teeth

I’ve been writing  5 line poems in Japanese fashion on the Gogyohka Junction.

We must write at least 1 gogyohka a day in a group called “The Station” and so far the discussions we have about our poems turn into analysis of the soul and it reminds me that using the internet really can be a great way to fellowship or just encourage one naother.

Here are 3 poems which I’ve written and discussed with fellow members. Feel free to follow the format and as always…sharing is caring. If you like this +1 me and share the post…a million thanks!



“Helix of Choice”


a helix of promise

and ill conclusion

as it resurfaces later

anyway as compost or majestic sky


“Passion Fruit”

I want to find

where the passion

lie in you,

whether in

core or pit


“The Past Has Teeth”

the past has more

teeth than

our present love

which you bring

up to gnaw at my face

 *This is a poem regarding not just my own reality but others realities that are distorted because of the “rearview mirror” mentality. We all get it sometimes…

In commeration of poetry and how it can inspire and even make us think because its so powerful, remember to read The Prayer Monologues( read free sample on Smashwords!).



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