Here are some web content sites that pay and others who smell like scam…you’re welcome

Spiral notebookGood Day/Evening everyone!

I have been scouting around and looking for neat little writing jobs to offer to you. I will let you know which ones allow you to earn “easy” money and those that are just so competitive, you can smell SCAM all over it- it doesn’t mean its a scam though-just smells like it.  So below is a brief list of sites that pay and what they’re all about and a few of them I’ve already tried. Some of the payouts may have changed since last year so please check these sites out for yourself. When I worked for them, it was okay. You earn a dollar per article in their “Empty Titles Section”, the downside is that in order to stay in good ranking and get paid adequately, you must read and rank other writers. I am no longer with them for various small reasons.

*Payout threshold: $25

Rating: 4 stars Here, you can write on about any topic you want, and once I even spotted a suite101 writer mentioned in a book! However, they are so slow with page views, may be blacklisted now, and after writing so many articles I’ve earned about  50 cents —not good. They are going through many problems right now and hopefully these can be fixed. However its easy money —if you have patience.

Payout threshold: $25

Rating: 1 Star So far this is my favorite site! You pick a title you are comfrotable with such as Graphic Design Examiner, Fashion Examiner, Pop Star Examiner, etc., the staff are friendly and supportive and your article only has to be between 200-400 words. The even better news: You gain more exposure locally and earn $1 per article plus any additional traffic monies and money based on rank(find out how via their website). I currently work for them at my own leisure and the pay so far has been VERY good and can be better once I put in more time. The highest payout I got was $62 so far and thats including referral pay. Sign up now and earn that holiday money!

Payout threshold: $10

Rating: 5 stars

Rating: 5 Stars I only worked with them for two days and quit. You may have better luck than me. Basically on this site you help individuals and companies select a web domain name and you are paid between $20-$40 for each domain name chosen. Sounds easy? No way. There are over 30,000 people who may come up with your names or better and get this…the business/person will select if they like the domain name and then you must wait for them to ACTUALLY select it. It may take weeks for them to do this or never..ugh!! Never again.

However if you enjoy a hard challenge, be my guest. The other downfall? The business/person may actually like the name you’ve chosen and take it anyway while saying they ‘dislike’ it…SCAM is smelled all over this.

Payout threshold: $20-$30-paid to your paypal every two days according to their website.

Rating: 0 stars

These are all the sites I’ve scouted so far and right now I am loving because I can post articles dealing with blogging and inspirational fiction and earn easy money. With Examiner you are paid every 20th of the month and sometimes a couple days before that or around that time.

*What is payout threshold? This is the amount you must earn before you are paid.

Any comments or suggestions? Post them here!

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