Book Review: ‘The Christmas Singing’ is deemed cheesy but sweet, let’s compare…

WaterBrook Press

Some Amazon reviewers said that ‘The Christmas Singing’ by Cindy Woodsmall is predictable, pure drivel, and quite cheesy. However I reviewed this book before reading those comments and they are basically right and wrong. Here’s a snippet and who knows? Maybe you’ll decided to buy and see for yourself!


After Gideon coldly breaks Mattie’s Eash’s heart, can she find the strength and the courage to hope again and finally have true love?

Mattie Eash has had her fill of Gideon Beiler’s lies and cheating and so she moves onward to Ohio where she has her own cake decorating business called  Mattie Cakes and now she has a new beau, Sol who has just the right touch of fidelity and anything else Gideon has denied her.

The book begins as most of Woodsmall’s and other Amish fiction writers books…at a good, casual pace but it really picks up around page fifty-seven or so when we all learn  the truth as to why Gideon behaved so cold towards Mattie three years ago, and for the reader it is shocking and it is devastating, and the scenes described in the book are one full of ice-cold snow, however marred by dirty tracks and are bitter metaphors for how Mattie feels when she has to return home to Apple Ridge for the holidays-and face Gideon. (Continue reading on


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