Do you prefer to write notes on paper or on an electronic device?

Ah, ye old question which billows from my sails of wadded paper and ink stained doodles, smudgy and ancient. Do I prefer to write on the tree or type on the machine?


I can not say it doesn’t matter, because it matters. Greatly. I can’t speak for you, but for me writing on paper was a writer’s dream. As a teen I could just feel the coolness of my small stack of plain white computer paper press slightly under the pressure of my fingers. I crane my fingers around the ballpoint pen bought and fresh from the pack and then…I write. I write anything. I rip through character’s brains and slaughter their hopes and dreams with the pen. Or they make love under the ceiling filled with guilt drenched in cream sheets and Vodka perfume and then- RiiiiiP!

I toss the pages out or try to keep them and transfer them to the grand marble notebook.

I spend weeks writing and tearing up pages that sound cliche and never made sense for me and I vowed to keep them in precious binders and suitcases for later retrieval.

The year 1995 brought on many things for my household: The internet, email, Online Britannica, and the advent of saving my work. I wrote all the time during the summers(because school had enough writing in store for me) and used the old floppy disk. I still have my old floppy disk but my laptop like most hasonly  USB ports.

My thoughts ramble on quickly and ease of editing, spell checking, saving, while saving the trees seemed, well, efficient to me. There are some authors who refer to write on paper first and this is perfectly alright. However, for this gal I think I can just work directly on the machine and take care of revamps there and save it without the added bundle of transferring to typewriters and computers- (anyone use typewriters…?) Sorry, just teasing a bit.

So these are the thoughts from a “machine writer”

What do you think?  What medium do you use and why?

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