Book Review: ‘A Woman’s Guide to Fasting’-Gutly Real, Honest Talk For Women

When you think of fasting, you probably think of denying yourself of something, cramps, or not feeling spiritual enough after your fast. Lisa E. Nelson has provided us with a candid, gutly real picture of what fasting should look like.

As someone who is sincerely interested in fasting and how I can draw much closer to where God wants me to be, I was surprised with the wealth of health information Nelson gives us and some of the humorous, quirky, and all too real effects of fasting.

For instance, fasting is a discipline, such as prayer, bible study, and worship, however some people make it legalistic and accuse folks who do not fast of being “ill spiritual”(my word, not Nelson’s). Again, fasting is a discipline and it is to help draw us more to God and His needs and less about our needs.

Second, there are many kinds of fasts and you can choose which fast works for you…as long as its according to God’s will. For example, did you know there was a Daniel fast where you abstain from sweets, treats, and meat? Or that you can drink liquids on longer fasts? Nelson even goes on to say it may be unwise to plan fasts around the holidays…hmmmm, I smell that turkey cooking right now!

Lastly, Nelson equips us with how to prepare for a fast, how to endure th efast, and how to gracefully end the fast. this is probably the most important section of the book as many of God’s people can make silly blunders that can send them to the hosipital- not cool.

My overal impression of this book is that it is sincere and can actually be labeled as The only guide for women interested in fasting. It is a small book and concise. That’s what I like…plain and simple talk.

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5 Stars

Book Details:

A Woman’s Guide to Fasting, Lisa E. Nelson

Published by Bethany House(2011)

ISBN: 978-0-764209024

Price: US $12.99




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