Mmmmm Can You Smell That? It’s the Nook Tablet Vs. Kindle Fire

I promised I would be through with the discussion of ebook versus print book and theoretically I am. However, I just couldn’t ignore the latest article on “The Tale of the Tablets” by Calvin Reid.

In a nutshell, B&N is not taking a backseat to Amazon’s smokin’ Kindle Fire, no siree. Reid states that “Both Amazon and B&N  have announced aggressive plans for promoting and selling their devices”- Wait  a minute…devices? Barnes and Noble only has the NookColor, right?


As of last week, Barnes and Noble announced the new Nook Tablet which right now costs $250(still cheaper than an iPad, but rumor has it that it will be $199 soon just like the Kindle Fire) It has virtually the same capabilities as the Kindle Fire.

So what does all this ebook/tablet talk means for us and those who are authors?

Well, it means several and nothing at all, depending on who cares. Luckily, I do.

First, according to the Association of American Publishers, ” Easy to hold, pleasant smelling trade paperbacks slid 18% to $773 million in the year through August…Meanwhile sales of e-books soared 144% to $649 million.

Uh, what do all these numbers mean? As a simple person, I take it that e-books are not just a thing to imagine or discuss the possibilities of.  Ebooks are here to stay. Trade paperbacks are being converted to ebooks right now as we speak. Someone in their home is converting their manuscript into a Kindle friendly version to upload in minutes. Hardcovers will be much harder to find and buy pretty soon.

This does not mean the smell fresh, ink and tree of a a book will be obsolete as I will continue to read print, however as an author, I will make my books available in all formats to satisfy the masses and I am seriously thinking of investing in a Nook Tablet, iPad, or Kindle Fire. Too many choices.

Authors would be well advised to check with their publishing houses(self publish or otherwise) about digital formats of their books. Many readers are opting for not only ease of access to books online, but they want to download books in mere seconds and at great e-book prices. Also with many people getting e-readers, the readers are becoming a multifunctional platform, so folks are doing more than reading, they are on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites and are watching Netflix on these babies.

Wouldn’t you want your work available where people are?

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2 thoughts on “Mmmmm Can You Smell That? It’s the Nook Tablet Vs. Kindle Fire

  1. Ebooks are indeed here to stay, and the choice between e-readers becomes increasingly varied. Funny how much the Kindle Fire and the Nook Color are displaying iPad functionalities…

  2. E.W,

    It is funny how iPad has suddenly become the standard in e-readers. It seems the idea is to offer more than just reading capabilities but to have a “mini-laptop” in tow.

    Thanks for your comment!

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