Some Blunders I Make While Writing- I’m Being Honest Folks

Many bloggers and authors would not admit some blunders they make while writing. Come on, we all assume we’ve got it straight and narrow and make no silly mistakes, but everytime I check on a previously written blog I see some weird writing pitfalls that I never paid attention to. Doesn’t mean I’m not a writer, but, oh well.

For instance, I read an Amazon review of a young adult supernatural novel, and one of the readers said:

“This book has several structural problems and could have used some copyediting.”

The reviewer went on to mention the book could have at least been self published- as if self publishing means low grade quality work- So not true!!

Mutiny by Artist Arthur

I digress…

Here are my own list of blunders that I will pray will get better in time, or I’ll just have my own editor continue to clean up my blunders.

  • Zero Consistency. As a writer, one should write, write, write. No excuses! I find myself doing blog posts at least twice a week and so far this works out just fine…does it?
  • Little typos/misspellings. Well, I use a laptop where some of the keys are actually held down by invisible tape, but this is no excuse for some of the pitfalls I’ve landed in. Double checking should be a priority, it’s just that I love getting  my info to you all quickly, as soon as it enters my mind…(seriously).
  • Not really talking about my blog/website often. When meeting new people, its great to ease in a little about yourself and why not mention you have a blog or website? I even throw out there that there’s free book giveaways and other free resources. Folks love the word free- so do I. Very much!. Lately I have barely mentioned that I blog when I meet new people. I think I should.
  • Not using recommended resources. As a blogger you are definitely a writer, so using grammar resources and other writing tools is key to having a nice, smoothly read blog post. Do I have smoothly read-able posts? Go on. Be honest 🙂  I would hope that I do, and this is just  another matter to work on.

Blogging and writing should be fun not tediious. These are just some of the things rolling around in my mind because this blog is really not about me, its about you and how the book reviews and writing tips can help you(and me) while being entertaining at the same.

Next time I will try and post something more on self publishing, I think it is about time to dig deeper into this fresh field of publishing and further clear away the confusion and bad rep that it gets.

Until next time…Write On!


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