‘Oninagi’ Book Club and Brief Review…Comments Welcome!

Just a brief announcement.

I began Oninagi by Akira Ishida last night and so far I am enthralled by the appealing storyline(although the demon- as -a -good -guy theme is kind of starting to get old to me as far as mangas are concerned), but anyway Nanami is a 16 year high school girl with a crush on Sanjouin Senpai-and has since middle school.

Her first day of school turns on sour heels when she meets Tomotaka and her deadly sword Oninagi. Tomotaka considers Nanami a demon because she can feel a strange presence around her, but there is no “taint”. Nanami is scared and then they are both faced a with a foe so deadly, that nanami end up saving Tomotaka! But how did she? When Nanami woke up in her bed suddenly, she doesn’t recall using any of her ancient powers to save Tomotaka….what is going on here?

Update Review: I’ve completed Oninagi and it was worth the read. The images were spot on and I enjoyed how little Nanami is portrayed as innocent but whens he transforms, she becomes this little diva, and powerful person and no one can stop her! There appears to three demons who are sent to protect her as well(because of her ancient secret). One them has arms which turns into swords while the other has hair that turns into whips(spikes?) and Nanami’s last protector has a weird marking on his face and his fist is like a wedge. there appears to be some (possible) romantic tension between two characters as well.

All in all a great book and I am anxious to read Vol. 2!

So begins Nanami’s story….if you have read this far or further, please place your comments/review here on This Post.

Book Details:

Oninagi by Akira Ishida

Published by YenPress(2007)

ISBN: 978-0-7595-3034-8


Price: 10.99

*Book received for review from YenPress for my unbiased review.

5 Stars

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