Book Review: ‘Wait No More’ by Kelly and John Rosati-Compelling Material

Tyndale Publishers(2011)

Recently, I had the joy of receiving Wait No More by the Rosati’s for a book review. As someone who has always considered adopting a child, this was certainly the literary road map I needed so that I may learn not just the joys but also the hard work and pain families go through to either give up a child for adoption and for those looking towards adoption as an option.

This book is told from Kelly’s perspective on how she and John wanted to have a family- a biological one but she quickly realized that perhaps that was not in God’s plan. She and her husband were residing in Hawaii when an opportunity came to them in the year 2000 in the form of DeannaMarie Wallance. This woman was a Christian and involved with family adoption for decades. She approached Kelly and John honestly and with the truth.

Kelly and John’s first adoption didn’t work out too well and Kelly Roasati kept it real by saying at first she never really paid attention to Deanne when she explained about the child’s mental and emotional instabiltiies. But God allowed it so that Kelly and John could pray more and work more harder on adoptiong the right way. Eventually, they end up adopting four very lovely children.

What’s refreshing and surprising about the Rosati’s story is that Kelly doesn’t pull any punches with her doubts and fears and how sometimes it is crushing to the spirit to still cling on to God while there are hurting children everywhere. She is now a forerunner for Focus on the Family and partnered with Colorado’s Department of Human services for Wait No More.

Here is some encouragement for those looking to adopt: “Don’t give up and don’t live by your feelings; if some of your friends and family don’t understand why you are doing this and only offer up judgement and negativity, put a boundary between them and you” (Rosati, 2011, p.99: Wait No More).

Adoption is always an option to give love. I mean, God loves us and adopted us into His family…why can’t we follow His steps?

Here are some helpful resources and book information

Cry of the

Empowered to Connect-

I Care About

Product Information

*Book received for review by Tyndale Publishers for Focus on the Family for my unbiased review.

Wait No More, Kelly & John Rosati

Published by Tyndale Publishers(2011)

ISBN: 978-1-58997-653-5


Price: US $13.99

5 Stars


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