Are You an Edgy Reader? Well, So Am I, But…

Design by Alex C. Smith

I’m an edgy person.

I like supernatural stuff.

I enjoy a thrill ride on  speculative thought.

However this is just my personality. I do not sport a spiky mohawk(yet) and I do not wear tattoos or drink booze(or should I say dabble in debauchery?)

I say all of this because Amazon forums had some discussions lately centering around readers who do want anything to do with the vamps, the demons, the ghouls, and men who give more than a “peck” on the cheek. I wrote a little article about it and you can call it E.J. Smith’s Observance of Christian Fiction Literary Wars(cute, but I didn’t name the article that).

In a  nutshell, there is something for everyone but why are more Christians heading over to the “Dark Side”- what’s over there?

I welcome all comments and opinions 🙂


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