The Write Web Book Club: ‘Oninagi’ and ‘Bamboo Blade’

The Write Web Book Club presents…Oninagi and Bamboo Blade (both Vol. 1) as the next two reading material for the month of November.

These are mangas, meaning they must be read “backward”. So you begin with the main cover(as you see on the left here) and work your way through, turning the pages from left to right.

I choose these two books because I am pretty sure there are otaku and graphic novel fans out there and I am so into mangas and have been for a small time now. As an official manga/graphic novel reviewer for Yen Press, I will be reviewing these books for you and am so excited about the adventure!

So for all of you who love a great book with pictures and a (hopefully) engrossing storyline, please join me in reading these.

In some cases, or should I say in most cases mangas are turning into animations. If you have seen any in animation format, feel free to join in anyway.

*I will send out a tweet and a brief post when I will begin the books. Thanks!


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