3 Things You Must Do While Nanowrim-ing

It’s that time and there are posts giving you tidbits about how to survive this 30 day writing blitz. I promise not to bombard but impart my own wisdom as I join the journey with you.

  1. You must get rest. Writing 50,000 words seems daunting, but Nanowrimo.org now has a nifty little stat tool you can click on and see how many words per day you need to actually crank out and many times it isn’t that many. So if you have a family and other commitments, try time management and rest. It helps!
  2. When things change, you remain constant. I don’t care if your character didn’t mean to say that or wear this, Do Not Go Back and change a thing just yet. Just stick to the story. If it helps, and if you have MSWord, try opening the comments tab and after you are done typing for the day ass a little “side note” about this particular piece. Only if you have to.
  3. Check in with other writers. I have made it a habit to visit other blogs this season and writers via the Nanowrimo site. People have so many encouraging words to say and I welcome them all! I may participate in a local writing gathering. My fingers are crossed.

Any more suggestions? I’m sure there is more you’ve come up with. I’d love to know!



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